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  • But it is to be noted that a considerable section of Christians, viz., them majority of the so-called gnostics and the Marcionites, repudiated the Old Testament along with Judaism (a repudiation to which the epistle of Barnabas approximates very closely, but which it avoids by means of its resolute re-interpretation of the literal sense).

    The Mission and Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries

  • Only the "gnostics" posited that Jesus was some sort of phantom whose "body" really couldn't die at all since it wasn't really flesh and blood, but merely an illusion for our benefit.

    Blind Faith?

  • Still speaking for myself, I add, that though Agnosticism is not, and cannot be, a creed, except in so far as its general principle is concerned; yet that the application of that principle results in the denial of, or the suspension of judgment concerning, a number of propositions respecting which our contemporary ecclesiastical "gnostics" profess entire certainty.

    Lectures and Essays

  • Christianity and Buddhism both teach an eventual ascent to heaven/nirvana (in essence the same) but christianities assertion that we are given only one life to live was not held by early christians and gnostics who adhered to the Greek concept of metempopsychosis (ie reincarnation).

    Are we a Christian Nation?

  • Any nugatory pastime should be seen as a “text,” to be decoded by liberalarts gnostics.


  • They, like the gnostics before them, taught that all material things were evil and only spiritual things were good.

    TEXAS FAITH: Do disorders of the mind stop us from being moral actors? | RELIGION Blog |

  • Perhaps these ‘atheists’ who believe in god (even with certainty) are actually anti-theists or antaga-gnostics: Those who hate god.

    mjh's blog — 2008 — June

  • No need for anyone to bring in the gnostics to square the views.

    A Conundrum

  • If one is saved by knowledge, according to the gnostics, these are those who believe in the separation of the sacred/secular, distinction between the world and faith communities or special revelation.

    More Online Resources On Gnostic Baptism

  • Few Christians since the gnostics have disputed the divinity of Jesus and almost none the fact of the the resurrection.

    The perfect phrase - The Panda's Thumb


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