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  • n. Plural form of goanna.


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  • The researchers will now study whether other wild populations of endangered species such as goannas and bluetongue lizards can be taught to reject cane toads as food.

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  • The researchers said the next challenge was to scale up their work to make a difference to wild populations of other endangered species that see the deadly toads as food, such as goannas and bluetongue lizards.

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  • After that the kookaburras and goannas gotta eat too.

    Uncia uncia (Panthera uncia) - The Panda's Thumb

  • Everywhere in the sand, the holes of snakes, skinks and goannas stared back.


  • The boy killed 13 animals including a large turtle, bearded dragons, goannas, Thorny Devils and Western Blue tongues.

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  • The koalas and the kangaroos slipped in rather quietly, but then came the bearded dragons, the skinks and the goannas.

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  • Every once in a while goannas sauntered right through camp.

    Steve and Me

  • “We had snakes and goannas mostly, but also orphaned roo joeys, sugar gliders, and possums,” Steve said about these humble beginnings.

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  • Although most of the living monitors and goannas are found in Australia, the earliest known Australian fossils are from the middle Miocene period, about 20 million years ago, indicating that the modern monitors evolved in Europe or North America and reached Australia only relatively recently.

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  • I think goannas with venom is a ripper of a story ;

    Of dragons and microbes - The Panda's Thumb


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