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  • adj. Alternative spelling of goateed.


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  • Immortalised in reeds player Eric Dolphy's 1964 masterpiece Hat and Beard, the goatee'd Monk's headgear became his visual trademark, an early exercise in beatnik branding, and with the strength of his compositional genius, he won a cult reputation that blossomed into minor commercial success with Riverside and international stardom with CBS.

    Thelonious Monk buys a hat

  • When we passed a group of undercover cops at the screening who were all dressed as working-class locals -- all wearing baseball caps and single earrings, and neatly goatee'd; there had been a state attorney general complaint about minors seeing the nudity in this violent film.

    Naomi Wolf: Revolution at Sundance

  • The goatee'd captain stepped between them, hands raised, forcing himself to speak quiet but firm.


  • Meanwhile the goatee'd captain had been moving heaven and earth to make J.B. see reason, with as much success as you'd expect.


  • Last night I dreamed a bunch of odd things, including a large storehouse of interesting rice, being sorted into different grades and qualities by a goatee'd mr_snips.

    Rice jewels and Saxon beer

  • Such questions do not trouble the lively minds of our likeable hosts, the goatee'd duo of Adam

    Slate Magazine

  • about 17 years ago, when my brother and I still had long hair and were living in a ratty rehearsal room at the Hollywood & Western bldg, putting together another lineup of our band, we invited this singer to join us, whose vocal style was somewhere in the Coverdale meets Queensryche zone of wailing bansheeism, and his look was pure long-haired, goatee'd sleazy Hollywood biker-dude.

    "Oprah is a liberal because she is black, Hitch is a liberal because he is atheist, and you are a liberal because you are gay.'

  • I stood there, ready to pick it up, for what amounted to 45 minutes, while the lone salesman on duty shot the shit with the only other customer in the place, a big burly goatee'd Harley guy who was evidently friends or something with him.

    Steven Mansour - Comments


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