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  • n. Plural form of goatherd.


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  • Yet 20 goatherds from a third rate country shoved a $1 Trillion broken beer bottle up our ass.

    Matthew Yglesias » Bob McDonnell’s Military Escort

  • WHich may explain why we spent roughly $3 TRILLION in the decade prior to Sept 11 yet 19 goatherds from a primitive country were able to pull off Sept 11 with a budget of about $150,000.

    Matthew Yglesias » Cutting and Running

  • What’s “weak” is spending roughly $400 Billion per year at the time — more than the next 23 major military powers COMBINED — and letting 20 goatherds from a Third World Country pull of the Sept 11 attack.

    Matthew Yglesias » India’s Response to Terrorism

  • The office, a three-story, 80,000-square-foot glass building with a gym and cafeteria, has the feel of an urban American workplace, even as goatherds move their flocks across the lawns outside.

    Bribes, Bureaucracy Hobble India's New Entrepreneurs

  • The path north from the town was more fit for goatherds than an army of thousands, so the king sent his Thracian soldiers to carve a road over the pass and down into the plain of Pamphylia.

    Alexander the Great

  • He reminded them that they were nothing before his father, Philip, accepted them into his army, only goatherds clothed in animal skins fighting off wolves and Illyrian bandits.

    Alexander the Great

  • A riot of oil paintings and winsome porcelain goatherds, the Antic Espai is a reminder of what all pensiós used to be like before the "less is more" directive was issued by the style gods.

    10 of the best pensiónes in Barcelona

  • Sometimes the memory of the past is very strong upon me, and I forget that I am a dirty old man, clad in goatskin, wandering with my savage grandsons who are goatherds in the primeval wilderness.

    Page 5

  • Or maybe you were referring to the profits on a $600 Billion PER YEAR military industrial complex which let 20 or so goatherds pull off the Sept 11 attack?

    Matthew Yglesias » DeMint’s Remnant

  • Hundreds of heads—speed-daters, Croatian waitresses, a French exchange student, hangers-on from the Stoker Club and the Black Narcissus, Siberian goatherds, swan-necked Italians, infinite Russians and Ukrainians—bobbing like buoys in the blood.

    The Redleys


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