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  • n. Any of several Eurasian species of the genus Tragopogon, especially T. pratensis, a weed widely naturalized in eastern North America, having grasslike leaves and yellow, dandelionlike flower heads.
  • n. A genus (Aruncus) of dioecious plants, native to the north temperate and subarctic zones, having bi- to tri-pinnately compound leaves and a large panicle of small white flowers.

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  • n. Alternative spelling of goat's-beard.

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  • n. weedy European annual with yellow flowers; naturalized in United States


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  • Tragopogon miscellus and T. mirus, two allopolyploid species of goatsbeard, may have formed as many as 20 and 12 times, respectively, in eastern Washington and adjacent Idaho (USA) in only the past 60 – 70 years; multiple polyploidizations have even occurred within single small towns

    Bradley Monton's Paper criticizing Dover Decision

  • There are dozens of others, such as thistle's starburst, goldenrod's tufts, dogbane, wild artichoke and goatsbeard.

  • He’s the spatton spit, so he is, scaly skin and all, with his blackguarded eye and the goatsbeard in his buttinghole of Shemuel Tulliver, me grandsourd, the old cruxader, when he off with his paudeen!

    Finnegans Wake


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