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  • noun A divine man; an incarnation of Deity in human form: an epithet of Jesus Christ.


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  • This was more than enough time for people to forget the historical human teacher Jesus and develop a mythology around the god-man Christ.

    Texas Faith: Should a judge's religious tradition and faith inform their rulings? | RELIGION Blog |

  • Yet, here we have that all caring god-man, Obama, wanting to fine you more money for not wanting his “insurance” plan than for beating someone up in Michigan or for driving drunk in Ohio!

    Obama Wants to Fine YOU for Not Bowing to HIS Wishes - Warner_Todd_Huston’s blog - RedState

  • I mean, I don't expect them to listen to the likes of me, of scientists, but one would expect them to listen to, you know, the actual god-man they claim to worship and follow.

    Hey, I have a question like that, too!

  • If it was a god-man that I craved, I would have become a Christian.

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: When Religion Becomes Superstition

  • Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but I can't think of another instance of a breech of ritual in a god-man story upsetting the populace to any great degree.

    Messiah vs. Myth: Did Jesus Exist? A Response to Tom Verenna

  • ~ Village party for god-man: US-Born Cult Leader on Fiji Island Treated Like a God -- An Adi Da update -- "Church minister Reverend Bola Waqalevu, who is based on nearby Vanuabalavu, said he visited the island last weekend but was unable to speak to the cult leader, also referred to as Adi Da."

    Speedlinking 10/26/07

  • In fact, myths of a crucified and resurrected god-man can be found in just about every culture, many predating -- sometimes by thousands of years -- the time when Christ was supposed to have lived.


  • They dare to pretend, with the philosophers of antiquity, with the Jews, the Mahometans, and most other nations, that the idea of a god-man is monstrous; that the distance from God to man is infinite; and that it is impossible for

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • “How do I know that you are the one of whom my mother, the goddess Thetis, spoke?” demands this young god-man.


  • So Kermode, very open-mindedly stating that "one [i.e. Kermode] would have expected that Isherwood would try to give the reader some intuition of the sanctity of this god-man by camping him," demands criticism and irony, and is aggrieved when he doesn't get it, although he was clearly promised fact and exposition.

    One Man's Vedanta


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