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  • adv. In a godawful manner.


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godawful +‎ -ly


  • And Paul Williams's and Elaine May's songs are godawfully painful, and the worst of it is, they're catchy!

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • Below, you will find three new external reviews, one for the delightfully weird Japanese The Taste of Tea (due in New York on the 23rd), one for the godawful (and godawfully boring) Ghost Rider (plaguing a theater near you), as well as my contribution to Jim Emerson's Contrarian Blog-a-Thon, a piece on A Clockwork Orange (it being one of only two Kubrick films that I do not like).

    Tuesday's Gone

  • Make no mistake, those who hide behind rhetorical phrases, and decked-out theories are really, at their core, not that godawfully different from a few 20 year old boys in foxholes who, in desperate moments, cry out "Sig Heil!"

    Heil, Liberator!

  • I'm amazed by how they capture and disect every frame AND by how godawfully stupid most of the posters are.

    really sick of sushi, i'd imagine

  • Their free Unipage Unifier saves a complete web page as a single file that can be viewed in any web browser, without recourse to godawfully slow plug-ins.

    Unipage PDF Alternative | Blog | Futurismic

  • I got it past security but it turned godawfully bad during the 5-plus hour trip.

    The Yuzu Tree by Shiro Sirversteinu - Yuzu-Citrus Fruit

  • Marrying Rampart and Galapharma is going to be godawfully difficult.

    Sagittarius Whorl

  • Plus Valdez's play wasn't quite as horrificly godawfully terribly atrociously miserably bad as I'd been expecting.

    The Good Phight

  • We were at TGI Friday's, to be exact, which charged P750 per person of which P500 was consumable (and the garlic chicken primavera I ordered was godawfully unpalatable).

    Ajay's Writings on the Wall

  • Personally, I think it's a godawfully stupid idea with either nukes or conventional explosives.

    Crooks and Liars


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