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  • v. Present participle of god.


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  • Some creationist writings cite a “creator god” who can be seen as separate from the primary Judeo-Christian-Islamic god, who got his start in the godding business as a storm god.

    Of cilia and silliness (more on Behe) - The Panda's Thumb

  • Was it REALLY on of the Greek, Roman, Native American, Aborigines, Hindu entities, or was it some new Papua New Guinean upstart, just getting started in the godding business?

    Facetime in the San Francisco Chronicle - The Panda's Thumb

  • You may find that you enjoy gardening more than godding.

    The Pathfinder

  • "The man who encouraged and assisted him, not to mention working on his fears and godding him to desperation, is scarcely the person to blame him," replied I sternly.

    Frank Fairlegh Scenes From The Life Of A Private Pupil

  • The bishops and other church dignitaries tried for a while to renew the old king-godding 'mumpsimus'; but the second Charles laughed at them, and they quarrelled with his successor, and hated the hero who delivered them from him too thoroughly to have flattered him with any unction, even if William's Dutch phlegm had not precluded the attempt by making its failure certain.

    Literary Remains, Volume 2

  • Thus we have Cæsar most blown with arrogance and godding it in the loftiest style when the daggers of the assassins are on the very point of leaping at him.

    The New Hudson Shakespeare: Julius Cæsar

  • While Wilbon agreed it was OK and not corny, he added that this sort of "godding up" of athletes "is dangerous." - Latest Headlines

  • a society we've been headed this way for a long time, and we in the sports media have done our part in creating this line of LeBrons by godding them up so extensively. Top News Headlines

  • "Fat chance we got of godding over Injuns this close to a town!

    The Thunder Bird


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