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  • adj. Acting with obedience to rules established by a deity out of fear of the power of that deity.
  • adj. Devout; pious; very religious.


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  • I would much rather live in an educated, godless state than a godfearing commonwealth where as many as 25% of those polled stated that race played a factor in their vote.

    Schneider: College educated, non-religious voters carry Obama

  • The text contrasts the brutal decrees of enslavement and massacre initiated by Pharaoh and supported by government and people with the godfearing ‘civil disobedience’ of the midwives.

    Nehama Leibowitz.

  • You don't oppose summary executions conducted by godfearing freelancers like Paul Hill and Scott Roeder; you only oppose the state executing them for acting as God's ninjas.

    Archive 2009-08-16

  • Indeed, it allows godfearing Republicans like me to successfully reach out to disaffected Christian Democrats like Barbara Cornett.

    Democrats' loss, Republicans' gain

  • This is the way the godfearing Christian majority he believes is behind him can protect themselves and their children from the “tyranny of the minority” of materialistic Darwinists. a maine yankee

    Religious Freedom And Other Crimes Against Humanity - The Panda's Thumb

  • According to Paul Gourley's official CR bio from when he served as treasurer, the new chairman of the College Republicans is a good, godfearing, Christian boy:

    Jesus, the original party animal

  • Strike Team Alpha will report to the Metro Stop on the evening of Thursday, June 23 to catch College Republicans arriving from Butcher of Salvador National Airport or leaving the Marriott to engage in some good, godfearing drinking and harlotry at the clubs downtown.

    Red Team Special Op

  • Although I agree with your statement that God angrily drowned thousands of little children on the Gulf Coast because he hates homosexuals and Palestinians, I think you owe the many good, godfearing Christians who have special relationships with their livestock an apology for including bestiality among the reasons for God's wrath.

    God didn't smite those children because of a little livestock lovin'

  • I didn't know I had a chatroom, and if I did, wouldn't it be a godfearing, patriotic chatroom?

    Hell hath no fury...

  • Like a godfearing antiquarian discovering the lost Mesopotamian city of Akkad, we breathlessly trembled joyously amongst its ruins.

    The Apiary Hits A Homer


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