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  • n. Plural form of godling.


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  • Next to Him, rain gods, war gods, harvest gods, and so forth seemed like little godlings.

    In the Valley of the Shadow

  • People seem to like the idea of becoming junior godlings with harems and their own planets to rule (everybody wants to rule the world, don'cha know).

    Darwin Strips Reality of Purpose?

  • The paths of these three drunken and drug addled but exceedingly dangerous warriors will intersect - and presumably quite a bit more in the books to come, having been dragged or driven out of their lives thanks in part to the machinations of a couple of godlings.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: The Steel Remains - Richard Morgan

  • Thieves and assassins abound, too, along with alien magic monsters and godlings galore.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: Gardens Of the Moon - Steven Erikson

  • The seven stories herein range from the narratively straightforward to the highly experimental, but all revolve around the intersection of such godlings as Death, Dream, Desire, and Despair with various mortal characters.

    New Race

  • And thus these nearly immortal godlings, seemingly satisfied with their singular purpose, allow it to be perverted into death and hate with too much ease.

    By the Mountain Bound by Elizabeth Bear – Review

  • A new YA author, for example, unequivocally MUST have a strong online presence, older more established authors for the adult market don't seem to care munch, and the new godlings like Gaiman or Doctorow master it all.

    Author Web Pages and Web Presence Continued

  • A Macedonian warrior apparently ran afoul of the usual nogoodnik Greek godlings.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • When the Ramones hit Manhattan's CBGB in the mid-1970s, mainstream rock teemed with fast-fingered guitar godlings -- Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, say -- building baroque stairways to heaven.

    Transition: Johnny Ramone, 55

  • Still, those baseline assumptions were non-theistic in the sense that astrology looked to the natural order of the 'heavens' to explain and predict, as opposed to God/gods/godlings.

    Behe and Astrology


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