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  • verb Present participle of godmother.


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  • The new Greenwich Village Theatre which Mrs. Sam Lewis is godmothering, is -- unless many sensible and farseeing persons are much mistaken -- going to be the new Voice of the Village.

    Greenwich Village

  • "I seem to be rather cut out for fairy-godmothering!" she said pensively to the image in the glass.

    Lady Connie

  • The fairy-godmothering of that young woman was going finely.

    Lady Connie

  • Eddy, a geek who writes songs, gets a little help from his fairy godmothering drama teacher to get to the ball. Featured Content

  • According to the sources, her misadventures in Kashmir further damaged Indo-US relations and her godmothering the Taliban inexorably set in motion the train of events that led to Osama bin Laden shifting from Khartoum to Jalalabad in 1996 and launching from Afghanistan the terrorist strikes outside the US Embassies in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam in August 1998, the attack on USS Cole off Aden in October,2000, and the 9 / 11 terrorist strikes in the US homeland.

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