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  • They say a godzillion is the highest number there is.

    The Book of the SubGenius

  • On the off-chance they might be able to unmelt the meltdown, Obama and all the rest of those ratsucking bandits gave the banks eighty-three godzillion bucks, along with your house and your car and your mother, to get credit moving again.

    The '08 Campaign And the Crash

  • I find it far less of a stretch to think that the universe is the way it is by the one chance in godzillion, based on the evidence of the universe itself, than that the chances of there being an anthropic fine-tuner are 100%, based on the evidence that the universe is too much of a fluke!

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • If they are hurting at all, it's because their customers are losing their jobs, not because they lent a godzillion dollars to some fly-by-night schemer or invested in anything with a AIG logo on it.

    Think Globally -- But Bank Locally

  • Yet the godzillion single cells (1000 different cell-types) of your body all act coordinately to keep you alive.

    Coordinated Evolution

  • In fact, with my super dishwasher with its godzillion plate-load capacity, throwing a dinner party, start-to-finish, is leaps and bounds easier than going out to dinner in San Francisco!

    Dinner Parties: Mexican Night

  • Same as it was with the " woooooow , that game already have 2 godzillion of players there ,and i can play it for free... it must be something interesting there ".

    Recalculating the Global Virtual GDP, Yet Again

  • You've heard that phrase in approximately eighteen godzillion soundtracks, and it is absolutely invariably used when someone is sneaking around.

    By Neddie Jingo!

  • To that end, she and her slowly shrinking campaign is: (1) sending out daily messages to see what sticks (i.e., the campaigns are "talking" and VP position is on the table; there's a new number for Obama to reach; she has a godzillion in popular vote; a poll shows her ahead in working class white people's territory on a block in Charleston, WV; her interview with a SDakota paper is being streamed via internet today!!! and so on and so, ad nauseum) and (2) sowing seeds of division within the Democratic Party by declaring herself a victim of process/sexism/media-whatever.

    Hillary Hits Critics For Taking Her RFK Assassination Remarks "Out Of Context"

  • , no matter how many godzillion accounts you claim, no matter how global and " human-cornishy " pretend your MMORPG to be , no matter the hype the end, we pay you because we love your game and we respect your attitude.



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