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  • n. Plural form of gofer.


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  • If we are lucky they obtain positions as overpaid Bartelbys and "gofers" in district offices or administrative departments, where they remain until pension time, safely out of range of DOE students they were hired to teach.

    Michele Somerville: The NYC DOE Needs an A-Team

  • Most know that now is the time to reclaim our country from the bankers, the lobbyists -- and their gofers: the members of the United States Congress and the 50 state legislatures.

    Michael Moore: The Winter of Our Occupation

  • Who will Johnnie Boy pick for a real conservative to win back many gofers.

    Lieberman increases criticism of Barack Obama

  • Cops on Harleys; Secret Service gunboat SUVs; Army aviation overhead butter-knifing through the air, scaring off the news choppers; Agency handlers, gofers, commo experts, and upper-floor reps, the whole train about a mile long, tying up traffic for hours.

    Dead Zero

  • The twisted joke is that to the backstage losers of "Mojo" - pill-popping gofers and trigger-happy nut jobs - Silver Johnny is akin to prize livestock, an asset worth protecting at almost any cost.

    Making magic out of a menacing realm

  • With a cadre of image consultants, gofers and gurus, he always seemed to complicate things.

    Today in Local Sports Coverage: Cooling Jets

  • It has created 1.8 million jobs directly over the past decade, and as many as 6.5 million more support jobs for drivers, security guards and gofers with primary or high school educations.

    The Boom From The Bottom

  • Despite the poverty and misery in Haiti, unlike most of the Caribbean and Latin America, the rural Haitian peasants and population own their lands in general and are not relegated to be maids, butlers or subjugated gofers in their own countries and for Eurocentric or foreign-owned tourist havens due to neocolonialism/Western imported Bourgeoisie Freedom/democracy - where genocide, exploitation and tyranny co-exists with immense freedoms, individual rights and liberties.

    Obama Should Stop Deportations to Haiti: Ezili's HLLN on report that 30,000 Haitians are to be deported from US

  • Kinda liek teh gofers wii gotz heer awn teh prayerees, butt snickers tecknikly tehy iz Richardson Ground Squirrlols. *yawns*

    did someone say - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Your article, though, fails to separate clearly the Katos, gofers, dogsbodies and buddies from the men and women who function professionally as personal assistants.

    Further Commandments of Charlton Heston


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