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  • n. Alternative spelling of goggle box.


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goggle +‎ box


  • Developers, well those that meet Apple's firm and unfriendly terms and conditions, have helped this by creating 5,000 new applications for the handheld gogglebox, meaning that it's big numbers all round at Apple - particularly we imagine in the App Store and Ibook store accounting departments.

    The Inquirer

  • Had Vine ever been let loose on the artistic gymnastics it's likely that something on a par with Finnegans Wake would have splurted from the gogglebox.

    Wimbledon deafened by cacophony of body language | Harry Pearson

  • ✒Spurious royal wedding-related nonsense of the week goes to Sir Martin Sorrell's market research firm, TNS Omnibus, which confidently predicts that a "massive 26.2 million people" will watch Will and Kate's nuptials on the gogglebox, making it the most watched TV event of the past 10 years.

    Media Monkey's Diary

  • This one's from a series on the wonderful gogglebox: WOTONTELLYIS, A POLISH VIEW.


  • So yes to pyjamas, slippers and slumping on the sofa in front of the gogglebox and not being thought the worse of for that.

    What blokes say

  • There hasn't been much of anything worth watching on the gogglebox lately, but wifey and I took in a viewing of History of the World Part I tonight and it was worth a few chuckles, particularly the giant joint in the Rome portion.

    Pizza The Hutt

  • Along with Lost, this happens to be one of the best shows on the gogglebox in my humble opinion.

    Battlestar Galactica

  • And then we have the original fan of popular beat combos like those Artic Monkfish and the Beatles, popular culture and everything on the tube, gogglebox, wireless with pictures thingy oh what do they call it nowadays Elspeth?

    Leaders' Theme Tunes At Conference 06

  • Internet Protocol television wave gathering force THE humble gogglebox gets a major makeover this year as manufacturers equip their top-line sets with snazzy features such as internet TV capability and 3D viewing. | Top Stories

  • More than a media streamer, it's a sleek little gogglebox companion that'll hold all your movies, music and photos, with capacities that start at a whopping 1 terrabyte.

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now


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