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  • adjective Having a goitre.


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From goitre +‎ -ed


  • So while it may be permissible in north or west London to spend the game nibbling on Piedmontese pralines or sucking Portuguese verbena pastilles, in my goitred neck of the woods even the furtive consumption of a Lindor is likely to be regarded with suspicion.

    Chewing on some long-forgotten gems from the terraces | Harry Pearson

  • In his piece about Awana, he writes amusingly about taking a pee and I couldn't help but recall the moment when the great man, he of pulchritudinous prose, goitred with soliped leitmotifs, crenellation and spittle, took one next to mee.

    AA . . . On The Piss

  • An old half-witted man and his goitred wife kept the place, and provided rough food and bedding for travellers, though interesting themselves in no wise with their concerns.

    Tom Tufton's Travels

  • It might have been his breakfast that gave him spirit and speech; he sang a merry, bad song, which the rocks echoed back, and all the goitred women at the roadside stopped with their pack burdens to listen.

    Bohemian Days Three American Tales

  • The man kicking the fallen Christ and the goitred man (with the same teeth missing), who are so conspicuous in the Varallo Journey to Calvary, reappear here, only the kicking man has much less nose than at Varallo, probably because (as explained) the nose got whittled away and could not be whittled back again.

    Essays on Life, Art and Science

  • Lepchas, or Sikkim-born people of Tibetan races: all were active and cheerful looking follows; only one was goitred, and he had been a salt-trader.

    Himalayan Journals — Complete

  • The women, over and above these disadvantages, are almost all goitred, and the children look like creatures born in sin and brought up to misery.

    Germany, Bohemia, and Hungary, Visited in 1837. Vol. II

  • Altogether, the queer collection of beasts and their drivers, who were to be seen drinking together greedily and promiscuously from the fountains in the market-place; the steep streets, crowded with lean goats and cows and pigs, and their buyers and sellers; the braying of donkeys and the shrieking of chafferers, with here and there a goitred dwarf of hideous aspect, presented a picture of an Alpine mountain fair, which, once seen, is not readily forgotten.

    The Huguenots in France

  • The present inhabitants are all Roman Catholics, and a miserable goitred race.”

    The South of France—East Half


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