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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a goitrogen


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  • These food components, called goitrogenic compounds, are found primarily in cruciferous vegetables (for example, cabbage and broccoli), soybean products, cassava root, peanuts, mustard, and millet.

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  • Soy isoflavones, touted by many as a benign substitute for endogenous estrogens for postmenopausal women, can be goitrogenic, although the amounts usually consumed by adults are insufficient to have that effect.

    Environmental effects on the thyroid

  • Sorghum (Jowar) like Pearl Millet (Bajra) also contains goitrogenic substance.


  • Studies showed that the goitrogenic substance was present in both bran & endosperm portions of the grain & was not destroyed by grain fermentation however autoclaving reduced the goitrogeic properties of Pearl Millet.


  • They established the goitrogenic properties of Cabbage, Turnip & particularly the seeds of Cabbage, Mustard & Rye.


  • In ruminants, however, rumen bacteria convert the mimosine to 3,4-dihydroxypyridine (DHP) which is then absorbed, acting as a goitrogenic agent to reduce the production of thyroxine.

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  • Cooking or steaming typically can reduce the goitrogenic effect of vegetables. Thyroid Disease

  • Her life was saved after being given huge doses of thyroid hormones intravenously, along with anti-inflammatory medication. goitrogenic vegetables. Thyroid Disease

  • It is believed that cooking can inactivate the goitrogenic compounds in these foods, thereby eliminating their negative impact on iodine status.

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  • Drinking water obtained from contaminated wells may also contain goitrogenic substances.

    The World's Healthiest Foods


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