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  • n. Plural form of gomer.


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  • They did the same thing with what they called "gomers", the elderly who were hospitalized and hanging on in misery, they would get the morphone push before shift change, the next shift would easily certify natural death from old age. interesting.


  • a toy? try telling that to the thousands of "gomers" with them in the deserts of the middle east right now protecting our rights to sit at our computers and complain about the quality of the rifles they depend on.

    Is Your Next Deer Rifle An AR?

  • All they can do is play to their base of pointy-headed paste-eating gomers and dumb redneck racists.

    The Need for New Revenues « PubliCola

  • Their constituency is the wealthy and well connected and the toothless gomers who are too stupid to pour pee out of a boot with the instructions written on the bottom.

    Democrats slam GOP as party of 'fear' in health care debate

  • They're basically a bunch of gomers who'd be better off sticking to the range and the paintball field.

    Is Your Next Deer Rifle An AR?

  • What part of "Change" don't these gomers understand?

    Gallup: Clinton Edges Obama By One Point

  • The number of fragged ticket-punching “officers” and otherwise dispatched gung-ho gomers points to the real revolution within the military, a story suppressed to this day.

    Torches, Forks and a Single Banner

  • Still, although not formally required, reading it was a rite of passage that allowed me to sagely concur that gomers did not die although they did go to ground, the patient was the one with the disease, and that there was no body cavity that could not be reached with a #14 needle and a good strong arm.

    House of God; House of the Dinosaur

  • It turns out, the only thing that's actually working for the McCain campaign is the daily inciting of rage, fear and hatred among the easily-led gomers lined up outside of Sarah Palin's rallies.

    Bob Cesca: The Mandatory Rejection of Sarah Palin

  • More than Palin herself, I'm looking forward to the end of an era in which the aforementioned gomers -- these relatively small pockets of bigots and witch hunters -- have enjoyed undeserved attention and disproportionate sway over American politics and policy.

    Bob Cesca: The Mandatory Rejection of Sarah Palin


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