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  • n. Men's brief-style underwear.


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From gitch, a variation of gotch, from Ukrainian ґатки (gátky), ґаці (gáci).


  • While in university my friends and I got into a ridiculous fight over undie slang, "gitch" and "gotch" being preferred by us locals, but "ginch" and "gonch" were loyally supported by someone from Alberta.


  • You might as well call them gonch-tubes for all the feminine allure they evoke.

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  • Report Abuse you gota respect montreals agressive d, but thats what got them in trouble when hal gill ex-pens was called for hugging crosby behind the net. that set up a good power play between gonch and malkin, but lets not forget crosby moving in front of halak when gonch was making the pass to malkin, a beutiful

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  • I don't like the bandwagon jumpers for either team, the guys who don't know players like cullen, lemieux, trottier, jagr, oates, iafrate, gonch [back when he was a cap], beaupre, etc. just because you kids started watching hockey right after the lockout doesn't mean you have all the knowledge in the world.

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  • Report Abuse really sad to see gonch go, but we just couldn't afford what he was asking. good luck sarge!

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  • Sure, he danced around in a speedo for awhile, but that was just to demonstrate that he can be subtle and demure in his acting talent, while still proving that the man can act with dignity and humility while only wearing his little red gonch.

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  • Report Abuse pens take out frustrations on the senators and win 6-2 ... crosby and malkin 2 goals a peice ... gonch and gogo get the other 2

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