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  • adj. Resembling a gong or some aspect of one.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

gong +‎ -like


  • Even though the only thing that filled my ears was the wind, a gonglike resonance floated up from deep in the earth and filled me with both awe and dread.

    Neophyte and Paradox

  • The blow sounded half dull, half gonglike from where the iron ring on the staff hit his plate skullcap.

    The Death of Chaos

  • Its wings flashed and slapped, making a gonglike crash.

    The Swordbearer

  • She slams the door home as the grenades detonate, the explosion sounding gonglike through the metal.

    Fail-Safe, &c.

  • The deep stillness of the night was occasionally interrupted by the neighing of the elk, the hoarse lowing of the buffalo, the hooting of large owls, and the screeching of the small ones, now and then the splash of a beaver, or the gonglike sound of the swan.

    The adventures of Captain Bonneville

  • Vocalist Charmaine Clamor's term "jazzipino" might sound a bit like publicity shtick, but there is definitely something going on in her blend of jazz arrangements and traditional Filipino tunes, even including some stunningly spare and gorgeous native instrumentation, especially the gonglike percussion.

    LA Weekly | Complete Issue


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