good-for-nothings love



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  • n. Plural form of good-for-nothing.


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  • When Giggs was, supposedly, the squeaky-clean family man © the Sun so beloved of his sponsors, there were still among his fans lazy good-for-nothings who gobbed and swore and sang dubious chants.

    All this talk of fallen heroes is such rot. Having an affair is not a crime | Rachel Cooke

  • Thank the airbrushed posters of skeletal good-for-nothings celebrities.

    2009 October « The Graveyard

  • I whacked so many of those good-for-nothings over the years.


  • Oh, sure, the Tea Party types don't want the government to pay for health care for the "lazy, good-for-nothings" who have no insurance – until THEY lose their job and health coverage or their son or daughter has a health crisis that their insurance doesn't cover!

    No love for Harry Reid on the Tea Party Express

  • They make him sign confessions that he hates homosexuals, opposes gun control, backs all of America's military adventures, loves free market capitalism, loathes taxation and thinks the poor are poor because they are lazy, dope-peddling good-for-nothings.

    Richard Schiffman: Was Jesus a Liberal?

  •   It now is often seen by many of us regular folks as a narcotic to be offered to gambling, whoring, drug using, good-for-nothings.

    Banking on Our Emotions?

  • Let us dispense with all talk of welfare cheats and lazy, good-for-nothings that don't want to work until we deal with the king of welfare cheats, the king of free rides, and the king of government handout checks.

    GM's Free Ride

  • Of course Canadians aren't all lazy good-for-nothings.

    Unity and Variety

  • I thought that teenagers today were just lay-about good-for-nothings who wear crazy clothes and listen to loud music, nothing like the hard-working teenagers we were. soullite Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Why Compromise?

  • Fifty thousand of you good-for-nothings pushing endless mounds of worthless paper from one side of your desk to the other.

    Hell’s Gate


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