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  • n. A mode of asking alms formerly in use in England, and in one form still continued. See the first extract.


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  • So that's why liberals, unless they can devise a means by which their do-gooding is paid for exclusively by people willing to do so, should always cave – doing otherwise is tyranny.

    'Why should the liberals always cave?' Dem asks

  • Much of this goes for the underclass of whites too and it amuses me that behind much of the do-gooding is a latent racism so ingrained that it takes a Boris Johnson to detect it.

    Archive 2007-08-05

  • St. Thomas's Day, 21st December, is still at Otterbourne held as the day for "gooding," when each poor house-mother can demand sixpence from the well-to-do towards her Christmas dinner.

    John Keble's Parishes

  • Eventually, he himself may find his organization and their remarkable efforts the subject of boycott by narrow-minded individuals - emboldened by this climate tolerant of boycott - who either do not believe Israelis and Palestinians can collaborate, or believe (because of their vehemently anti-Israeli stance) Barenboim's do-gooding must be strangled in its infancy

    Qanta Ahmed, MD: Collateral Damage: The Hidden Costs of the Ariel Boycott

  • This has happened to charities all over, to foundations that rely on galas and art auctions, groups whose causes thrive by expunging the guilt of luxury indulgence with a healthy coat of do-gooding.

    Running for a good cause: Girls' lives

  • After a long night of do-gooding, the last thing you want to do is hoof it for blocks to your car or wait endlessly on the curb.

    Washington's "social season": Too many parties, but not enough "fun" in all those fundraisers

  • LOTR: The Return of the King had 11 nominations, winning all 11. lorettajohnson the cost of watching cuba gooding junior win the gold ... priceless sgtzim

    The Numbers Behind The Academy Awards | /Film

  • They're out there trying to Do Good and think either that it's somehow immoral to consider the costs of their do-gooding or that they can bury the costs by punishing those nasty rich people some more. renea

    Leading Democrat concedes sticker shock of health care costs

  • The term "sustainable"--like "green" and "all-natural" before it--conveys an abstract sense of do- gooding that many companies have been happy to adopt.

    Ranking The World's Most Sustainable Companies

  • The duly elected President of the United States has the support of the Iranian people, Middle East experts and, judging from the comments on many blogs lately, the American people in his handling of this situation yet all that is forsaken in the name of American "moral do-gooding".

    Congress overwhelmingly approves Iran resolutions


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