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  • ‘She wasdo you know the Newspeak word goodthinkful?

    Nineteen Eighty-Four

  • Longtime Obama hater progressive faction, whose members ordinarily wouldn't take an MSM report that the sky is blue and water is wet at face value without first fact-checking it themselves, gleefully pounce upon obviously manufactured MSM controversy as proof, proof! that the betrayal of all that is good and progressive and otherwise goodthinkful to the forces of corporatist evil they have been predicting since the primaries is finally at hand.

    Emanuel Suggests White House May Support Public Option Alternatives

  • So extra Victory bonus points for the Outer Party Members who reliably engage in this goodthinkful narrative.

    In New Iowa Mailer, Obama Faults Hillary's Iran Vote

  • There was no jump in by Republicans as part of an evil conspiracy to nominate the candidate they think whatever pathetic loser they nomination can beat and there there was no massive influx of indy though criminals who thwarted the goodthinkful party members of the their real choice.

    Edwards Adviser Trippi: We Held Our Own Against Hillary

  • The goodthinkful citizen knows in his heart that Obama is doubleplusgood.

    Today's chimpanzee news.

  • Why is it that Bushistas and other GOPbots automatically call anyone who isn't properly doubleplus goodthinkful a leftist?

    Spray and Pray: Why cops should go back to carrying revolvers

  • Syme does not recognise that you need to hold this knowledge of evil and also to know it as good at the same time, in order to be truly goodthinkful.

    British Blogs

  • In his conversations with Winston he should have made it clear that the aim of the reduction in words was to expand the range of goodthinkful ideas and to enable fuller discussion of the principles of Ingsoc.

    British Blogs


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