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  • n. Plural form of googol.


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  • Google's blog writers have their googols on and are crunching some NYE numbers - No matter what you say 128 product upgrades and 24 new products is pretty schweet, even if they weren't all or nearly adsense or pagerank (after all adsense doesnt discriminate where it places ads:)

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  • Walking, talking natives on a blue sky planet with 1.1 g gravity and a twenty per cent oxygen atmosphere at fifteen p.s.i. The odds against finding Chang on a six-sun survey on the first star jump ever must be up in the googols.

    Accidental Death

  • Thanks googols Brian A. Thomas on July 6th, 2008 at 8: 15 A. wrote:

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  • If we use the tools of string theory, we see that there are almost certainly googols of perfectly plausible anti de Sitter supersymmetric four-dimensional universes and everyone who follows (or works on) the latest developments knows that the evidence is overwhelming that these vacua exist.

    The Reference Frame

  • Anyone allowing their search engine of choice to filter through the googols of bytes of data on the Web relating to "cloud computing" has during 2008 been rewarded with an exponentially increasing number of hits.

    Latest News from Adobe Flex Journal

  • In fact, I google google using google a googol amount of times every day and I get results about other people googling google while using google and when im done googling with google I google on google maps to find googols of maps about google and then I google google videos of google which demonstrate google and how to google it and when Im finally done I google with google while I blog about having googled using google and if you google a googol amount of times you will find this blog about me googling about google using google to illustrate how my daily life of googling works.

    Googling Google On Google: Why Do People Do It?


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