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  • n. Any of various grasses, sometimes used as food for geese.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

goose +‎ grass


  • Pink campions and tousled goosegrass rose on either side, camouflaging it nicely.


  • The old tree soon sprang back into life and contains in its crown a thriving miniature wood of elder, bramble, ivy, ash, nettles and goosegrass, as well as a whole city of woodlice, earwigs and beetles.


  • Mist swam into the deep green of my glade through the waving seaweed of nettles, goosegrass, pink campion, bluebells, grasses and ferns.


  • He came to the great hedge and he thrust his way through it, and though the thorns of the brambles scored him deeply and tore threads from his wonderful suit, and though burs and goosegrass and havers caught and clung to him, he did not care.

    The Door in the Wall, and other stories

  • Laura picked a bouquet of flowers in the hedgerows, some hedge parsley, vetch, goosegrass, and pale pink dog roses, already in bloom.

    A Hopeless Romantic

  • God accumulates anecdotal evidence and hearsay like a hiker accumulates goosegrass, but none of it holds up under scrutiny.

    Is God As Real As Gravity? « UDreamOfJanie

  • The first distinctive note of color was the astonishing green of the goosegrass springing in the mud left by the falling water; then the current itself became a rich, brown with creamy flakes of foam sailing down like little vessels.

    The Fur Bringers A Story of the Canadian Northwest

  • The dankness and darkness, and smell of crushed goosegrass and nettles were anything but cheerful.

    Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Part 2: More Ghost Stories

  • Apply pre-emergents: Spring is the ideal time to control undesirable grasses like crabgrass, goosegrass and foxtail before they start to grow and cause problems.


  • This sometimes requires such close examination that a magnifying loop will be needed to distinguish, say, quackgrass from goosegrass.

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