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  • adv. In a gormless manner.


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  • UPDATE - "... this gruesome gargoyle gaping gormlessly from the Gurdwara of Ghastliness, this crapulent corbel on the Cathedral of Cretinism, this seething sore stickily suppurating on the Stone Circle of Stupidity, this moronic, mindless minaret on the Mosque of Madness etc etc ..."

    Archive 2004-10-31

  • It is my first time here, traveling as one among a group of artists and entertainment industry folks, attempting to learn through experience rather than through anecdote, and get a taste for ourselves of the place which has been, for the entirety of my 50 years of skipping gormlessly through life, the source of controversy and hope.

    Steven Weber: In a Sense, Abroad Part Trois: I's Real, Oy!

  • But it certainly demonstrates conclusively that a generation has turned in the film industry; that the kind of kids gormlessly hoovering down TV three decades ago are now in charge of things.

    The A-Team

  • Ah yes, gawping gormlessly over a literary conversation and loving every minute, so I was delighted when Pamela Norris offered to send me a copy of the book she had talked about at that weekend and then to discover that I was part of the audience mentioned in the acknowledgements.

    Words of Love

  • This is interesting, I will watch gormlessly now for a while.

    diplomacy – everyone listens to a man with an axe – but you might have to swing it around a bit first | My[confined]Space

  • Apparently out of nowhere the volume would rise up and up, and Id find myself pathetically flailing, standing in a corner unable to do anything usefullike when your cars broken down and your mate whos a mechanic is under the bonnet fixing things while you stand gormlessly behind him.

    What's Going On

  • Secondly you have to be as gormlessly God-fearing as she is.

    Miley Cyrus Introduced To Creepy Older Underwear Chap By Dad

  • But the English press are kneejerks - "no privacy laws" they gormlessly shouted at the meek MPs.

    On privacy and the silly press

  • They won't be content until they, for they know best, have us gormlessly chained to our worker drone station, eating the food they provide us to eat, not drinking, not smoking and all jogging home in one huge group, aparachiks whipping us should we fail to keep up or get our knees up high enough.

    Make mine a large one

  • I take an unpopular view on this subject, but my view is that Britain betrayed its former colonial subjects in a fit of white guilt, when under Atlee it spun off all these African posessions, washed its hands and walked away, having fostered no tradition of democracy there, and then gormlessly wondered why a good chunk of Africa spent the latter half of the 20th Cenutry being ruled by a series of brutal thugs.

    Madison windowscape and graffiti.


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