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  • n. Plural form of gosling.


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  • My supervisor at BARCC raves about me; she had the new volunteers following me around like goslings to learn from me.


  • She stood behind him, watched his fingers move across the keyboard, thought, His fingers move like two families of geese ... goose, gander, three goslings each, feeding in the grass, purposeful, pecking at the keys, fingers evoking notes instead of nutrition.

    Midnight, Manhattan, 1952

  • Families of Canada geese — mother and father on either end with goslings in between — made forays into the canal.

    A Hundred Miles on the Erie Canal

  • The rest trailed behind like a flock of goslings, Lucy thought, necks twisting in all directions at each step.

    A Stitch Before Dying

  • On Mother's Day, several goslings were born whose births were chronicled in local newspapers and heralded by advocates as a "miracle."

    The Goose May Be Cooked This Year

  • Everyone turned around but Maggie, who marched on like a mother goose assuming her goslings were right behind.

    Dark Secrets 2: No Time to Die the Deep End of Fear

  • Quinn pulls off the road for the ducks and they watch the goslings follow their mother in a straight line.


  • Do the Feds mean to tell us that if the distance had been 7.2 miles, say, the geese and their goslings would have been spared?

    Henry J. Stern: Air Rights -- To Die For?

  • The animal control officer scooped up the goslings with large nets.

    Alexandria and Arlington Animal Watch

  • Pedestrians saw two goslings slip down an embankment and land behind a large screen to a drainage area while their parents and siblings frantically swam on the other side.

    Alexandria and Arlington Animal Watch


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