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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of gossip.


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  • The many, and there were hundreds of them, were either groups of young men who gossipped eagerly and laughted a mite too loud, or obvious families-Ma wrapped in her shawl beside the children huddled in sleep among the bales and bundles and tied wagons; Pa sitting silent, deep in thought, or rummaging for the hundredth time through the family goods, or listening doubtfully near the groups of the noisy single men.


  • And yesterday, a visiting American who also has a Livejournal bought a comic, and we gossipped a bit during a lull in customers.

    Breakfast in Bed

  • But I also got to recommend books to customers, and just as we were closing a woman came in and while I was recommeding J.M. Redmann's first mystery to another customer she chimed in that it was really good, so as I was ringing her up I asked if she'd read the other 3 (not yet translated into Spanish) and we gossipped about lesbian mystery writers, and she had never read Barbara Wilson.

    Breakfast in Bed

  • By coincidence, several of our courts were slow to get started yesterday, so like proper JPs we got ourselves coffees, sat round the big table, and gossipped.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • And there he ate and gossipped condescendingly with an aged labourer, assuming the while for his own private enjoyment the attributes of

    The Wheels of Chance: a bicycling idyll

  • Then we waited and waited for a table for dinner, over which we dissected Top Chef and gossipped about philandering poets.

    April 2006

  • Loners have it easier these days than loner's did back in the days of those great loners like Stephen Foster, who we've already gossipped about in a previous post discussing Charles Ives's father having pulled near-death Steve from a Harlem gutter as a youth.


  • The next night I met with The Mistress for a short evening at Hairy Canary where we gossipped about our battles with cigarettes and boys.

    what good is sitting alone in your room?

  • Wow - Jiffer and I gossipped about this a few months back, but you put a stop to it.

    when a mommy loves a daddy

  • He gossipped about old friends and boasted about new ones, speaking freely and solemnly.

    The Master


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