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  • n. As much as a gourd will carry


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

gourd +‎ -ful


  • He glanced around, sipping a second gourdful of the water.

    Shadow Hunters

  • Being able to cross the waterless districts by a couple of long marches, they content themselves for the time with a small gourdful, and with keeping their imaginations dwelling upon the copious quantities they will drink upon arrival at the watering-place.

    How I Found Livingstone

  • The gourdful of thin gray stew contained, so he presumed, the rubbery flesh of an overage chicken.

    Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates

  • Suellen, sullen and tearful, pretended to faint too, but came back to consciousness spitting like an angry cat when Scarlett poured a gourdful of water in her face.

    Gone with the Wind

  • Alfred was busy carrying the afflicted man water by the gourdful from the spring.

    Watch Yourself Go By

  • Uncle Joe, hastening back to get a gourdful for his own parched lips.

    Watch Yourself Go By

  • Returning with it, and her composure somewhat repaired, she dipped a cool and dripping gourdful, walked swiftly through the front room and stood abruptly before Creed, presenting it with almost no word of greeting, only the customary, "Would ye have a fresh drink?"

    Judith of the Cumberlands

  • The king drank from a gourdful of cashew-brandy, wiped his lips, and shouted:


  • I had a grim sense of amusement on finding that the old woman was not deaf, for she went out, and presently came back with a gourdful, which I eagerly drank.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 105, July 1866

  • But at that moment, with a fiendish leer on his face, the man threw on another gourdful, then another.

    Panther Eye


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