government-subsidized love



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  • We're saying you can't use a government-subsidized health program to do it, '' said Jessica Scaperotti, a mayoral press aide.

    Soda Is Target of New Assault

  • Right now most of that lending ends up with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — a government-subsidized pool of loans bearing no relation to a natural market for credit.

    Enough With the Low Interest Rates!

  • At a privately owned two-year Florida school offering a radiologic therapy degree, the report said, a financial aid representative suggested the undercover applicant should fraudulently remove $250,000 from a savings account because having that much money on hand would have prevented the applicant from qualifying for a government-subsidized loan.

    Florida Investigating 5 For-Profit Colleges

  • The availability of affordable, government-subsidized health care is yet another example of Mexico's moral superiority to the US.

    Seniors Use Mexican Health Care

  • Giuliani famously declared: "You don't have a right to government subsidy for desecrating somebody else's religion, and therefore we will do everything that we can to remove funding for the Brooklyn Museum until the director comes to his senses and realizes that if you are a government-subsidized enterprise, then you can't do things that desecrate the most personal and deeply held views of people in society."

    Leanne Goebel: Colorado Councilman May Want to Explore Why Art "Turned Him On?"

  • What is the value you attach to the life of Y, if Y happens to avoid a preventable disease due to access to government-subsidized preventative care?

    Faith in Leaders, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • By contrast, Mr. Ryan would shift everyone currently younger than 55 into the new system of government-subsidized health insurance plans.

    No Retreat on Medicare

  • The paper found that state policies for patients who use government-subsidized health care strongly encouraged doctors to prescribe methadone over more expensive brand-name opioids.

    Radley Balko: The New Panic Over Prescription Painkillers

  • His parents, who live in government-subsidized housing, couldn't afford to take care of them, but the Leos landed with a lifeline.

    Haiti survivors rebuild lives, but some wounds slow to heal

  • For example, when I was a young progressive community organizer in Minneapolis soon after I graduated college some years ago, I helped form a left-right alliance between anti-tax conservatives (the precursor of the current tea party movement) and progressive liberals to defeat a proposal supported by corporatist Democrats and Republicans to use taxpayer money to subsidize the profits of the Minnesota Vikings by building them a heavily government-subsidized domed stadium.

    Miles Mogulescu: How Does it Feel to be Praised by Bill Kristol for Critiquing Corporatism in the Democratic Party?


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