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  • n. The jargon spoken in government.


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government +‎ -ese


  • An example of how the Plain Language Award cleaned up 'governmentese' (intentionally obfuscated languge):

    Ryan Tomayko

  • You'll note that the above is internal, for government employees, most or all of whom would be well versed in the use of 'governmentese'.

    Ryan Tomayko

  • The banality of political correctness, the attenuation of meaning in the argot of legalese/computere/governmentese newspeak attenuates all feeling and meaning.

    One Book, One Tweet « Third Point of Singularity

  • Much government web content is written in “governmentese” instead of plain language.

    Putting Citizens First: Transforming Online Govt White Paper

  • His infamy was, at least to some degree, a creation of the U.S. government, whose spokesmen seized on him as the visible face of Al Qaeda in Iraq -- and living proof that the war in Iraq was the main battlefield in the grander global war on terror (GWOT, in governmentese).

    Death of a Terrorist

  • Meanwhile, the government issued elaborate instructions written in dense governmentese regarding what behavior was allowed, what was prohibited, these impossible-to-follow regulations enforced arbitrarily, keeping the people perpetually in violation of something.

    Our American King

  • And I think, you know, one of the reasons that they do so well is they came from little towns and they learned to talk to people instead of talking governmentese and they understand human nature.

    Remarks By The President To Arkansas Civic Leaders Luncheon

  • "Ah," she said, staring at a sheet of folded paper, whose close-set print marked it indelibly as something written in governmentese.

    Destination Brain

  • Somehow, after that name had been uttered, he had ceased to listen to the remainder of Minton's governmentese spiel.

    The Kaisho

  • It is also the only country referred to by its full name in governmentese.

    Planet Atheism


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