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  • adj. Extending throughout a government


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government +‎ -wide


  • A new and better balance is needed -- a balance that can be achieved by a less precisionoriented classification system that provides for greater agency flexibility and is more supportive of agency missions without undermining the long-term governmentwide interests that originally prompted establishment of the system.

    Npr Report Human Resource Management Part

  • He then instructed Kissinger to create a "governmentwide" counterterrorism committee -- and seemed to offer an unusual explanation as to why. "

    Terror Watch: Nixon and Dixon

  • The president needs an independent source of advice, a separate set of ears that are not connected with any federal agency, so he can get governmentwide, objective counsel.

    The Good Fight

  • But until OMB succeeds in getting agencies to share common IT systems, the way large corporations have been doing for years, and Congress takes a more enlightened position about funding governmentwide systems, this latest White House memo is unlikely to root out the real savings potential in wasted federal IT spending.

    Wyatt Kash: White House Gives CIOs New Roles, Without Authority To Cut IT Waste

  • The New York Times reports today that a transition report written for the Obama administration recommended the creation of a working group to deal with the “complicated, controversial and pressing” legal issues that will arise from any governmentwide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Wonk Room » The WonkLine: August 12, 2009

  • The state Office for Technology issued the governmentwide policies on Thursday, after a year of internal debate and collaboration with agency heads and IT officials.

    Albany Finally Dips Into Social Media

  • Andy Schoenbach - creator and sponsor of the first governmentwide social network, OMB's MAX Federal Community, which now has over 30,000 government-only participants.

    Gadi Ben-Yehuda: Becoming Citizen 2.0: Step 4, Coordinator

  • In September 2007, TNet was the first major award under Networx Universal, which is a governmentwide telecommunications program managed by the General Services Administration.

    How Treasury, AT&T botched billion-dollar network upgrade

  • A governmentwide spending bill introduced last week by House Republicans and intended to fund the government's operations for the remainder of the current fiscal year takes aim at many of the energy-related programs touted in Mr. Obama's budget proposal.

    Budget Cites Higher Oil-Firm Taxes, Less Aid for Water

  • Mr. Obama's proposal sets up a showdown in many areas of energy policy with Republicans, who are moving to rein in subsidies for renewable energy and are expected to vote as early as this week on a governmentwide spending bill that would bar the Obama administration from using funds to regulate emissions of heat-trapping gases linked to climate change.

    Budget Cites Higher Oil-Firm Taxes, Less Aid for Water


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