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  • adjective Able to be grabbed.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

grab +‎ -able


  • In patient-facing roles, dangly metal trinkets are considered inappropriately grabbable and such.

    An Open Letter to the Usual Suspects

  • It probably does feel safer to Harris, a tall, broad-shouldered white man, than to someone in a wheelchair, or someone carrying an easily grabbable purse, or a single woman walking alone.

    There Are Reasons to Support Burgess’ Panhandling Crackdown « PubliCola

  • For some reason this jolly soul has become one of the main media spokespeople for the creed that disputes man-made global warming, and this encounter was informative because it illustrated how the balance had tipped, and it was they who had to learn a list of dubious facts and recite them with desperation to anyone whose arm is grabbable.

    What's Going On

  • For my part, I think Dodd's is looking very grabbable (I'm not going to touch Edwards 'hair here ... probably because it would muss it up).

    Glynnis MacNicol and Rachel Sklar: Liveblog! Dems Debate Tim Russert's Giant Noggin!

  • "If I go into Macy's and the item is right in front of us and grabbable," says Jennifer Julier, "it's difficult to deter [my daughter] from wanting the styles that are there."

    Showing Too Much, Too Soon

  • Grab all of your medications—the ones you keep highly grabbable for just this purpose.

    YOU The Smart Patient

  • That's right, up to the shoulder, groping around for a grabbable part of the baby animal.

    Reading, Writing, Cooking and Crafting: Center Schmenter

  • With forty minutes of argument, cutoffs, and being kept on hold behind her, Ana slammed the receiver down and grabbed at her barely grabbable hair.

    A Darker Place

  • The feature is called Aero Shake and it allows you to quickly minimize all other open windows in the background of your primary focused window (when not maximized) by simply clicking and holding onto the grabbable area of the window and shaking your hand left and right quickly.

    TweakTown News RSS Feed

  • A "grabbable badge" is one found while enumerating through another team's BadgesClaimed pool.

    The Code Project Latest Articles


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