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  • interj. thank you


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Spanish gracias ("thank you")


  • Gracias pipita, gracias a tus goles (ya la bocaza de Pedrerol) conseguí ganar el viaje (que no sé si algún día pagarán), ¡gracias crack! - Articles related to Maradona and Messi arrive in South Africa

  • While being a very useful phrase Muchas gracias is indeed grammatically correct (tounge in cheek).

    Grammer Charts Online

  • I don't think its because no gracias is rude in and of itself, but its kind of rude to turn stuff down when people are offering it to you, so you have to be very nice about it if possible.

    Gracias, pero no gracias

  • He thanked one questioner with the Spanish "gracias" -- though Brazilians speak Portuguese.

    The Full Feed from

  • As I struggle to learn Spanish, and inflict my version of it on any native speaker so that I might practice, I've found the phrase gracias por su paciencia extremely useful.

    Page 2

  • Go ye for our Lord is sent for your redemption, and therefore the shepherds regracied and lauded God with all their virtue and force; and therefore the people answereth and saith: Deo gracias, that is to say: God be lauded and regracied of it.

    The Golden Legend, vol. 7

  • But this happens some time between noon and 1: 30 in the afternoon, rather than at daybreak, so I greet the nice men who have this most unpleasant job with a smile and a "gracias" (and an occasional tip), rather than with a bleary-eyed, mumbled "buenos días".

    Southern Justice

  • The gracious staff cleared her plates, laughed pleasantly at her attempts to say "gracias" and "por favor," each time politely turning a blind eye to her food remnants that were scattered around the marble floor and embedded in the lily-white tablecloths.

    Meredith C. Carroll: Club Med Ixtapa Pacific: Meet My Daughter

  • LZ0rr0: Is it too much to ask for a simple "gracias"

    Danielle Crittenden: The President's Secret IMs: World Leaders Gone Wild "Cancun Edition"!

  • (Webb also reportedly answered "gracias" when handed a cup of coffee moments before the arrest).

    Mets Today


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