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  • noun Plural of gracilis.


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  • Castrant alios ut libros suos per se graciles alieno adipe suffarciant (so [80] Jovius inveighs.)

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Fortunately, treated Haluk individuals who had reverted to the testudomorph state did emerge from their chrysalids as healthy allomorphic graciles.

    Sagittarius Whorl

  • When these testudos completed their dormant cycle and hatched into graciles, could they be treated again?

    Sagittarius Whorl

  • They'd almost reached sump number five when one of the graciles gave the alarm.

    Perseus Spur

  • The Haluk graciles found themselves in an impossible position.

    Perseus Spur

  • It took only a moment for Matt and I to strip the two unconscious graciles of their helmets, uniform jackets, and Allenby stun-guns.

    Perseus Spur

  • There seemed to be about forty or fifty of them, graciles trotting briskly and lepidoder-moids more or less poking along according to their relative proximity to the Big Change.

    Perseus Spur

  • _Pedes_ graciles, nudi, calcaribus non longis, tibiis anticis brevissimis.

    Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society - Vol. 3 Zoology

  • Many believe that it is produced by the growing together of the walls of the posterior part of the central canal and by the development from its ependymal cells of a septum of fibrillated tissue which separates the future funiculi graciles.

    IX. Neurology. 2. Development of the Nervous System

  • A Valvins, la Seine coule silencieusement tout le long des berges plates et graciles, avec des peupliers alignés; comme ils sont tristes au printemps, ces peupliers, surtout avant qu'ils ne deviennent verts, quand ils sont rougeâtres, posés contre un ciel gris, des ombres immobiles et ternes dans les eaux, dix fois tristes quand les hirondelles volent bas!

    The Lake


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