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  • noun One who produces graffiti.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • noun A graffiti artist.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

graffiti +‎ -ist


  • She found out that the graffitist was a 26-year-old Chicago-area artist named Kristyn Vinikour, who'd chosen the words used by a doctor to describe Pilarski when she was admitted to Manteno: "'Extremely quiet but friendly and agreeable.

    Chicago Reader

  • A graffitist who attacked their lover in writing on the walls of a street in a dead city could be preserved and quoted endlessly, while poets renowned in their time left nothing behind in their own hand.

    The Legacy

  • Here area graffitist Gaia a Maryland Institute College of Art student transformed the building's face with a two-story portrait of modernist architect Le Corbusier.

    Demonstrators gather to protest removal of Wojnarowicz art from NPG

  • For a brief moment, the graffitist and Pop Shop entrepreneur Keith Haring seemed to be a successor, but his art was too friendly.

    The Young And The Tasteless

  • If this originally meant to signify a wheelchair accessible observation blind, than the bullet holes combined with edits some graffitist has made are the real story here.

    Things that crack me up #48

  • Yet even that was subject to cynical put-downs: For some time, a graffitist with a permanent marker changed the plaque there to dedicate the plaza to "Cli-Che Guevara."

    In Argentina, Che Guevara Finally Gets

  • Unless your area features a graffitist rejoicing in the title of "The average life expectency in Western Europe at the end of the Enlightenment was 37.", two years of arbitary, punitative "hard work" is not going to make them more able or likely to answer your questions.

    When I run the world.

  • Experts say the graffitist was probably a fight fan (a teenager or a grown man, to judge from the picture's complexity and its height above the floor) passing the wait between bouts, 1,600 or more years ago.

    Rebuilding The Colosseum

  • The graffitist may be trying to draw attention to Gannon's plight by drawing his picture on the sidewalk.

    Dr. Robert Glenn and the Mystery of the Pernicious Penis

  • Those are just two examples of why the graffitist might deserve to be rewarded rather than punished.

    Dr. Robert Glenn and the Mystery of the Pernicious Penis


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