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  • adj. Without grammar or a grammar.

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  • adj. Without grammar.


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grammar +‎ -less


  • Now, having decrypted the text, the "translator" discovers that there some fragments in here that clearly don't belong, chronologically speaking (one dates to the Renaissance xv-xvi), and that, to make matters even worse, the "highly ambiguous" language consists "in a compressed, grammarless shorthand consisting of sequences of noun/modifier pairs" (xvi), sans "spacing and punctuation" (xvi).

    The Little Professor:

  • Although the introduction quickly escalates into parody on that score--the "compressed, grammarless shorthand" can be rendered in any number of completely incompatible ways--the Lost Books keep returning to moments of figurative translation, in which characters change their nature, their shape, or their state of existence.

    The Little Professor:

  • But Cyphers go where no one has gone before -- into a grammarless jungle of confused ramblings, English-as-a-fourth-language rants against targets apparently chosen at random.

    N is for News

  • But it would be a pity if readers with no Russian were to be put off Solzhenitsyn's remarkable Prussian Nights by Ms. Muchnic's strictures on my translation — even though she most equitably displays her disqualifications by giving short renderings of her own which are in turn rhythmless, rhymeless, grammarless, and meaningless.

    A Matter of Taste

  • Every old printer knows, what is often said, that English is a grammarless tongue, and that no grammarian ever wrote a sentence worth reading.

    The Shirley Letters from California Mines in 1851-52

  • This shows how universal our clumsy grammarless language is becoming.

    Through Finland in Carts

  • The grammarless speech of the men, the black-rimmed nails of Stella's schoolmaster -- a good classical scholar, but heedless as he was good-hearted, -- jarred upon him, indeed, with the discomfort of a new experience.

    Different Girls

  • No wonder Brander Matthews speaks of English as a grammarless tongue.

    Chapter 1. Introductory. 3. The View of Writing Men

  • Part of that afternoon of forced inactivity Stern spent in his favorite habit of going about among the Folk, closely mingling with them and watching all their industrial processes and social life, and trying, as usual, to pick tip words and phrases of the very far-degenerated speech that once had been English but was now a grammarless and formless jumble of strange words.

    Darkness and Dawn

  • Mr. Mencken is both instructive and destructive; but he is not so constructive as to build a road through the marsh of confusion into which that conflict of dialects in the English language -- a language which is grammarless and dependent upon usage -- has left us.

    Confessions of a Book-Lover


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