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  • noun Alternative spelling of granddaddy.


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  • So _agüelo_ -- "grandaddy" -- shivering in his drenched clothes and his teeth chattering, walked resolutely in.

    The Torrent Entre Naranjos

  • Known as the grandaddy of shrimp gatherings, at this celebration you can eat everything from paella to gumbo to cocktail to fried shrimp.

    Autumn Food Fêtes

  • No one else is a Christian- I don't care what church they go to, or how long they have been going there, or how long their grandaddy was a deacon there, or how much money they have given them, or how many church annexes are named after their family, or how many times they have been dunked or sprinkled.

    TEXAS FAITH: Glenn Beck and the culture of fear | RELIGION Blog |

  • He's goin 'to board with us, and I want to tell you right now that he is from good stock; his grandaddy was the captain of the company that my daddy fit in durin' the Creek war, and from what I learn I don't reckon there was ever sich fightin 'before nor since.

    The Jucklins A Novel

  • There are many out there, but perhaps the "grandaddy" of virtual worlds is Second Life created by Linden Labs.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • There are many out there, but perhaps the "grandaddy" of virtual worlds is Second Life created by Linden Labs.

    Second Life and Open Sim for Newbies (like Me!) - Day 1

  • Ain't I bo'n in de fambly in yo 'grandaddy's time -- ain't I nuss yo' Pa an 'yo?

    The Calling of Dan Matthews

  • I frantically called grandaddy and Ame for answers and by the time the wise man came back, I gave all the answers i could possibly think of (including my friends’ defences).

    natinski Diary Entry

  • Express Assist is the "grandaddy" of email backup programs.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • But after a first fever of passion had passed, she had proved to be a cold, calculating child-bearer, hostile to expansiveness of love out of religious scruples, viewing it her duty to bring new offsprings into the world to perpetuate the House of Brull and to fill "grandaddy" don Matías with pride at sight of a nursery full of future "personages" destined to the heights of political greatness in the District and in the nation.

    The Torrent Entre Naranjos


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