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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of grandfather.


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  • "First, if you have a health insurance plan that you think works for you, under these bills, it's going to be what we call grandfathered, meaning that you can keep it," DeParle said.


  • If plaintiffs 'argument were accepted, then anyone could market a drug that was on the market prior to 1938 and claim it was "grandfathered" - and thus avoid FDA approval.

    BNET Articles

  • Aside from the conscience clause, the only other major exemption is for so-called "grandfathered" plans, many of which are offered by large employers. Chronicle

  • Notably, he includes stronger consumer protections for so-called grandfathered plans -- employment-based plans existing at the time the law takes effect (which would have been only weakly regulated under the Senate bill). Headlines

  • And, a new regulation affecting so-called grandfathered health plans could mean fewer small businesses will keep their current plans, cutting against the White House's pledge that people who like their health coverage could keep it in a post reform world,


  • Groups representing insurance brokers and employers sponsoring health plans are in negotiations with the Obama administration over so-called grandfathered status; employers may be able "to shop for cheaper plans without a penalty," BN reports.

    A.M. Vitals: Novartis Chairman Vasella Adds Same Title at Alcon - Health Blog - WSJ

  • In some jurisdictions, the drive-through has been banned (those in operation were grandfathered, which is a pity). Top Stories

  • Many physicians older than 55 years of age who received their initial Board-certification in the early years of their practice have never been re-certified because they have been "grandfathered" into the ranks of the Board-certified.

    Yvonne Thornton, M.D.: Is Your Doctor Qualified To Treat You?

  • These protections will apply to all types of insurance except for individual policies that are "grandfathered," and will be extended to Americans of all ages starting in 2014.

    Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva: The Republican NoCare Agenda Just Had a Big Day -- Here's What Happens Next

  • Check if your health plan is "grandfathered," which means it is exempt from some — but not all — of the new mandates.

    What's Happening To Your Health Plan?


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