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  • n. Plural form of grapevine.


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  • Why, when the roses need pruning, the grapevines are a tangle?

    Go outside « First 50 Words – Writing Prompts

  • Hip-to-hip, Mann then "grapevines," or wraps one of his legs around his opponent's. stories

  • The Macedonian army climbed out of the deserts and over the high Elburz Mountains towards a semi-tropical paradise full of fig trees, grapevines, and fields of grain.

    Alexander the Great

  • Beyond the town the ground was black from the eroded rubble of ancient mountains, but the town itself was much like Siwa, with abundant fruit trees, grapevines, and fields of wheat.

    Alexander the Great

  • Specifically in Afghanistan farmers are learning that it is more profitable to plant grapevines than opium poppy.

    Morris Ruskin: Sweeter Than Wine

  • This might entail scheduling in another speaking event today ... or practicing, before my audience (of dogs and grapevines ...) my next speech.

    lumiere - French Word-A-Day

  • Hidden behind my row of grapevines, I laughed at their jokes ... and longed for their freedom -- or natural expression -- the kind that comes when we are outward focused and not gazing inward, ever questioning.

    la recolte - French Word-A-Day

  • On second thought, hats off to organic farmers and their fields of meter tall weeds (while they may be a harvester's hell on earth, weeds are a sign that the grapevines have been spared ofherbicides).


  • Calistoga went by in blurred rows of stubby grapevines.

    World Wide Mind

  • The foreground is dominated by a rocky, mossy cliff-face and darkened cave, outside of which is an arbor, or study, topped by twisting grapevines.

    A Shared Moment of Transformation


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