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  • n. An extended two-dimensional hydrocarbon, of general formula (CH)n, derived from graphene by adding a hydrogen atom to each carbon atom alternately on each side of the plane.


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  • Now, a team including the UK-based research group that discovered graphene has created a new material called graphane by adding hydrogen atoms to their original discovery. all content

  • The resulting material called graphane has insulating properties. News Feed

  • Nanowires, nanoribbons and 'graphane' among materials that'll revolutionize computers Our daily Q&A with KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid.

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  • If this technique works for graphene (graphene with a lot of hydrogen) then other researchers have computed that p-dooped graphane would superconduct at 90 kelvin

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  • The superconducting material (p-doped graphane) could also make vastly superior electronics.

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  • The research was published in the International Glaciological Society's another study published this week says the Oregon researchers are wrong: the nanodiamonds are more like fool's diamonds, and are just aggregates of graphene, graphane and their oxides -- the stuff found in pencils.

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  • The team studied both the electrical and structural properties of graphane and concluded that each carbon atom is bonded with one hydrogen atom. all content

  • As well as being an insulator that could prove useful for creating graphene-based electronic devices, graphane might also find use as a hydrogen-storage medium that could help hydrogen-powered vehicles travel further before refuelling. all content

  • However, making graphane had proven to be difficult. all content

  • By adding hydrogen to the graphene and creating graphane, it can properly insulate the transistors. News Rss Feed


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