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  • noun Plural form of graphologist.


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  • "It appears that what you refer to as graphologists, in your profession, are much more thorough in their analysis of handwriting and printing than you are.

    Wild Justice

  • In the correspondence the whistle-blower, who graphologists say was certainly a woman, repeatedly takes a swipe at the Duchess of Hohenau, describing her as a "randy tart".

    Sex parties, bloody duels and blackmail: life at court of last German emperor

  • "We're all amateur graphologists, and it seems indisputable to me that some element of every person's character and personality is detectable in his penmanship."

    Steve Leveen: The Digital Grinch has Stolen our Christmas Cards

  • An interesting note: Many graphologists have pointed out that when a person is preoccupied with his occupation, his handwriting will often reveal some kind of symbolism of the tools he uses.

    Graphology at Home – Lesson 4 – the “t” Bar « English Lesson Plans « Free Lesson Plans « Literacy News

  • Some graphologists, who supposedly can discern what handwriting reveals about character, grumble that the shift reveals a national switch from altruism to narcissism.

    Call The Script Doctor

  • As I recall from speaking with Ms. Florey -- who interviewed me at length, and who even had a handwriting lesson or two from me as part of her research -- her experiences and other pieces of evidencesuggest that such things as the shape of one's letters give far less evidence of personality than the graphologists would have us believe!

    On handwriting loss

  • As I recall from the notes to Messiah, he consulted with musicologists and graphologists, trying to get to Handel's intent when writing the score.

    Harnoncourt's Figaro

  • Harnoncourt suggests that he went back with graphologists and musicologists to try to figure out what Handel really wanted.


  • Professional graphologists offer four primary services: graphology classes to hobbyists, personality profiles to help individuals increase their self-knowledge and potential for change, personnel screening and consultation for employers, and questioned document examination, or forensic graphology, to identify forged handwriting and documents for legal purposes.

    You’re Certifiable

  • Personal tutors—all of whom are professional graphologists certified by the association—work one-on-one with students as they complete the course, offering advice and assistance as needed.

    You’re Certifiable


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