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  • noun gravimeter
  • noun hydrometer or densitometer


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  • The lights are off in the room, but fortunately you are carrying a very sensitive gravitometer, so that you notice the force of gravity due to the massive ball: your gravitometer points right at the bowling ball.

    The difficult childhood of gravitational waves

  • Newton tells us that the gravitometer would instantly adjust.

    The difficult childhood of gravitational waves

  • Your gravitometer is showing oscillations we think might be gravitational waves.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • They were startled by a sudden engine burn of two seconds, the ship responding to gravitometer feedback to the program governing their trajectory, a hyperbola in and out of the shock bubble.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • Sumio had begun monitoring the gravitometer reception forwarded from Cassandra I, and seemed concerned.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • Cleland was occupied with his visual recorder, surveyor, gravitometer, and whatever else he could wield in the saddle, or simply with gazing around.


  • Also notice that, were the bowling ball to suddenly contract, but remain spherical and conserve mass, then the gravitometer wouldn’t register a change.

    The difficult childhood of gravitational waves

  • But from relativity we know that nothing travels faster than the speed of light (including information), and therefore we need ’something’ to go from the accelerating bowling ball to our gravitometer, to tell it that the bowling ball has indeed moved.

    The difficult childhood of gravitational waves

  • One specific experiment, that seemed pretty cut and dried to me, involved a gravitometer and the moon, that seemed to show (within a reasonable amount of error) that the moon’s gravitational pull preceeded its image in the sky.

    Charlottesville Man Discovers Speed of Gravity at

  • Keep the gravitometer indicator on the line as steadily as you can, and in the end you can't go wrong. "

    Fantastic Voyage


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