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  • n. Plural form of graviton.


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  • Title: Kaluza-Klein gravitons are negative energy dust in brane cosmology

    Bleeding-edge Science; don't ask me to explain these

  • Thus, electric fields were bal - anced by electrons, light waves by photons, sound waves by phonons, and even gravitational fields were balanced by would-be duals which are hopefully called gravitons; conversely, and most importantly, all ele - mentary particles of matter were balanced by undula - tory counterparts, the so-called de Broglie waves.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • For Gravitational Forces, the exchange particles are called gravitons but these haven't been observed yet.

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  • I'm not sure about the current status of "gravitons" as a mediating particle, or whether general relativity makes particles superfluous for this force.

    How big is that molecule in the window

  • In modern thought, EM waves are identified with photons just as "gravitons" are identified with the waves that presumably propagate through gravitational fields when masses accelerate.

    I would like to know.

  • Many things predicted by the theory of relativity, such as gravitons, have never been found despite much searching for them.

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  • "gravitons" or the "metric tensor" are composite fields in the bulk of spacetime (that is however non-emergent).

    The Reference Frame

  • Many things predicted by the theory of relativity, such as gravitons, have never been found despite expensive government projects (like "LIGO"

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  • It is much less difficult to construct designed analogues of molecular structures (or work with the molecular structures themselves) than it is to measure Planck level separations in spacetime or gravitons that collapse them.

    Are Changes Brewing and How Does the Mind Fit In?

  • I have some issues with gravitons in general (doubt their existence), but there sure as heck might be a conceivable fundamental extemal that would do the [specified] job.



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