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  • adj. Without gravity (the physical force).


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gravity +‎ -less


  • He might be able to hold himself to a gravityless deck within the shelter of a ship's hard walls, but Kira despaired to think* about how well he could hang on under a barrage of solar wind and micrometeorites.

    Time's Enemy

  • With a sharp command in Klingon, Qo'dar closed communications, and the viewscreen returned to the image of ever-brilliant stars and space -- and countless pieces of debris floating away in gravityless vacuum, all that remained of the rescue ship Recovery.


  • The ship was now turning towards the horizontal - if that word could be used in this almost gravityless environment - and was pointing directly to the white column of mist and ice crystals still steadily spurting from the comet.

    2061 Odyssey Three

  • Tad jerked himself out of the bed; and pulled himself through the gravityless environment to the hatch of the access tube, then along the access tube up to A Deck, and out onto A Deck.

    The Far Call

  • On either side of him, Anoshi and Bap would be gravityless as well.

    The Far Call

  • Each member of the crew had to exercise here for an hour a day, lest his muscles waste away in this gravityless environment.

    Of Time and Stars

  • As there was no difference in the appearance of the countryside where = gravity exerted itself again, they had no way of telling when they would = suddenly emerge from the gravityless land.

    The Shaggy Man of Oz

  • Shattered Horizon - Futuremark's gravityless multiplayer shooter to get "Moonrise" content pack. - News

  • (better known for his work as an artist) in 1938, and actually refers to the gravityless state of the center of the Earth's core.


  • He didn’t know the answer himself, because he had never driven a spike on an airless, almost gravityless world and no one had ever mentioned it to him.

    Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet


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