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  • adj. of white tinged with grey


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  • He had grayish-white hair, wore thick glasses, and was hard of hearing.

    Kill the Irishman

  • Coasting down its endless hill, dragging my feet along the pavement in the strange hope that I would wear out my shoes, I caught a glimpse of a peculiar insignia on a grayish-white wall out of my right eye.

    Sullen Months, Möbius Strips

  • She was pointing to a grayish-white area in a sea of more varying shades of gray and white.

    Marika Holmgren: Worrisome and Suspicious: A Cancer Glossary

  • He pushed his wet bangs from his eyes and squinted, searching for the lifeboat, or some other sign of Novak and the others, but all he saw was a grayish-white haze.

    DELUGE (Part 38) – Brian Keene

  • Her skull was covered in a grayish-white fuzz that left her head even more naked than if she had been completely bald.

    The Black Madonna

  • Someone has pinned three teddy bears to a small strip of cork on the grayish-white wall.

    The Art of Healing

  • The platter was piled high with re-constituted vegetables, little brown lumps and noodles; the steaming mound oozed a grayish-white sauce.

    Out of the Valley

  • Go down the hall and you'll find yourself in the main cell block, consisting of four rows of grayish-white cells that seem to go on endlessly.

    Nick Carr: Long Island's Empty Jail

  • His grayish-white coat brought to mind Happy, and the black markings around his eye resembled the Professors patch.

    Sluggers: Water, Water Everywhere

  • This was an eye-opening period during which my hair, not coincidentally, changed from dark brown to a shock of grayish-white.

    Childhood Unbound


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