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  • n. A greasy hamburger.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

grease +‎ -burger


  • That is faster than it takes me to get to the nearest fast food joint and order a greaseburger.

    Tigers & Strawberries » Chinese Fast Food

  • Take that, Russia, even though we're really not mad at you these days any more than we're mad at the bully who tormented us in high school who's now working the drive-through window at the local greaseburger chain. rss feed

  • It is a superb commercial for half the products listed (for those that enjoy their fast-food decadence on occasion), while those that are just as horrified as the author is at the idea of a "1200-calorie greaseburger" were already there before they started reading. Main RSS Feed

  • Pedro spent way too many years quaffing down dreadful Tim Horton coffee followed by complimentary peppermints from hell and, having been raised on the frozen Alberta tundra, never ate a decent meal until McDonalds built a greaseburger franchise in his sorry home town during the few months when the sun actually comes up and it makes me shiver just to think of his misfortune when, had he been born in a decent place he might have been a decent fellow.

    the big chapala beef beef


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