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  • Marked by or springing from immature experience or judgment; ignorant.


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  • On a closed-off street at the foot of Capitol Hill, workers hauled in containers with wheat plants in each stage of the life cycle — from grassy young sprouts to green-headed shoots to amber waves of grain ready for harvest.

    Wheat Field Sprouts in Downtown Washington

  • The Mask got it all wrong by making this explicit, by separating the character of Stanley Ipkiss, shat-upon bank clerk, from the green-headed, dance-floor-dominating pimp he became when he put on his magic mask.

    The Existential Clown

  • The singer who has starred in appeared in over 20 films including Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Labyrinth, and Absolute Beginners, has often complained that after playing an alien in cult movie The Man Who Fell To Earth, he was only offered roles as “green-headed Martians”.

    We’re Not Saying You’re Literally An Alien, David Bowie, But… | Best Week Ever

  • Copy of a letter of July 4, 1805, to the president of the United States,: Supposed by the writer, to be fitted, specially, for the eye and courage of the ... green-headed "free citizens," every where by James Lovell

    Can We Finally Be Honest With Ourselves Now?

  • We went off to the nature trails on Tuesday but the bugs--big green-headed deer flies--drove us back into an area called Red Maple Swamp where, strangely, there were almost no bugs at all.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • “Buenos días,” someone said, and he turned to see a green-headed parrot on a perch.

    Deuces Wild

  • If only he could make his spirit fly away like a freed bird and let it live with the green-headed parrots that came in such huge flocks to the Chiricahuas each year.

    Deuces Wild

  • Old Black Toe liked geese, green-headed ducks, plump prairie chickens, quail, porcupine, hare, squirrels, curly green snakes, chipmunks, and tiny songbirds so small they could be eaten in one bite.

    The Berrybender Narratives

  • The most common breeds of duck in China, much of Europe, and the United States are descendents of the wild green-headed mallard, Anas platyrhynchos, an aquatic migratory bird that puts on as much as a third of its carcass weight in fat for fuel and under-skin insulation.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • Then catching those that could be caught, and driving those that had to be driven, they laid hold of a few of the green-headed ducks, variegated marsh-birds and coloured mandarin-ducks, and tying their wings they let them loose in the court to disport themselves.

    Hung Lou Meng


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