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  • n. Plural form of greenhorn.


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  • While engaged in a duty, such as the present, they would scarce disclose their thoughts, even to me; much less were they communicative with the rest of my following, whom they were accustomed to regard as "greenhorns" -- their favourite appellation for all men who have not made the tour of the grand prairies.

    The War Trail The Hunt of the Wild Horse

  • Out in the Indian country the greenhorns were the fellows who played smart by sitting in the campfire light where the

    Gold Seekers of '49

  • While the term 'greenhorns' was originally used to refer to the agrarians who embrace organic and sustainable farming methods, over the course of the production, the term morphed from working title and description of the subjects to become the name of a nascent agricultural advocacy organization as well as represent an entire movement.

    Jeff Squires: A New Generation of Farmers

  • The rookies onboard are called "greenhorns," and they have to do stuff like grind up fish for bait, CRAWL INSIDE THE TRAPS to HOOK THE BAIT, work "the rails" (most dangerous part) and basically make sure they don't get caught in a line and tossed overboard EVERY FUCKING SECOND OF THE DAY while trying to keep up with pace of the rest of the crew and demands from the shouty-ass Captain man.

    haloaskew Diary Entry

  • And just here I will remark that it is an unquestionable fact that the good housekeeper has a much more encouraging prospect of making a useful servant out of one of these same 'greenhorns' than of a girl who has been longer in the country, and who has nevertheless yet to be 'licked into shape.'

    The Continental Monthly, Vol. 6, No 3, September 1864 Devoted To Literature And National Policy

  • Most of the 'greenhorns' _begin_ humbly enough, but, after a few months 'tutelage of fellow servants, and especially if they pass through the experiences of the' intelligence offices '(of which more anon), they are thoroughly spoiled, and become too impudent and

    The Continental Monthly, Vol. 6, No 3, September 1864 Devoted To Literature And National Policy

  • A rabbit's foot charm, a small reproduction of the Barye lion, or the well-known Perry picture of a lion, a Dresden-china lamb or shepherdess, and a pussy-cat plate, pincushion, or paper weight are suggestions for first prizes, and four little tin horns painted green may be given as booby prizes to the four "greenhorns" who have the worst showing.

    Entertaining Made Easy

  • European costumes, which pointed us out as "greenhorns" to the children on the street, for real American machine-made garments, and issued forth glorified in each other's eyes.

    The Promised Land

  • We did not want to be "greenhorns," and gave the strictest attention to my father's instructions.

    The Promised Land

  • He had taken in the situation with a glance; he would have helped a brother miner or mountaineer, although he knew that it could only have been drink or bravado that brought HIM into the gorge in a snowstorm, but it was very evident that these were "greenhorns," or eastern tourists, and it served their stupidity and arrogance right!

    Tales of Trail and Town


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