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  • noun New Zealand, slang, often derogatory An environmentalist; someone who shows concern for the environment.
  • noun Australia, by extension A member of the Green Party.
  • noun US, derogatory, slang A person from Colorado; after the color of the Colorado license plate.
  • noun US, slang A beginner, a novice.
  • noun US, slang A tablet of amphetamine.


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From green +‎ -ie.


  • A pretty little green bird called a greenie or chickowee used to be officially Meliphaga and is now Lichenostomus, and three species of Australian magpies, because they were found to interbreed, are now one species with the old specific names retained as varietal names, so that South Australia's emblem, the white-backed magpie, maggie to his friends, is in full dress Gymnorhina tibicens hypoleuca.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol X No 1

  • Fishermann drives home a very good point in that being ultra "greenie" actually marginalizes the content ... you are less effective in forwarding an agenda by shouting from the fringe.

    Sharks - The World's Top Predator?

  • In the final section of today's masterpiece on 'dirty shipping industry', he lays out approvingly what the dictatorial, self-important, unrepresentative 'greenie' lobby groups demand of shipping; Harrabin says that shipping industry is unreasonably doing what the greenies and and 'scientists' don't want, QED, shipping industry is bad.


  • There is NO BBC questioning of its Labour government's plans, except, predictably, from a 'greenie' position: the plans do not go far enough.


  • The utopian, 'greenie' self-deceived BBC ignores the negative evidence about wind farms, which Christopher Booker and others have exposed, e.g.


  • A typical BBC/CND''greenie' attitude: "UK 'must slash defence spending'" 'Front page.


  • The BBC's outright support for 'greenie' action at Kingsnorth in the recent past is scandalous.


  • I hope you enjoy my blog, and please feel free to connect with me to share concerns, accolades or anything else on your "greenie" mind!

    Stefanie Michaels: Switzerland- voted #1 Green Country in the World

  • Yes, new perspective is fantastic - especially with a Europe 'greenie'.

    I love a new perspective!

  • Whores would rip one another apart, yet defend a sworn enemy to the police; would show a young 'greenie' the ropes, then try and muscle in on her punter.

    Dangerous Lady


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