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  • adjective of brown tinged with grey


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  • I could feel its gaze as I looked at the grey-brown furry glove of pink, torn flesh that had been grazing around the edge of a wood before making a fateful hop into the road.

    Country diary: Wenlock Edge

  • She sat - nearly collapsed - in the chair beside him, trembling fingers stealing out to stroke the surface of her skin, all folded neatly, warm and soft and mottled grey-brown.

    Thor's Day

  • Apart from a rich green of dog's mercury and wild garlic leaves crawling across muddy ground, the overall colour was like the mood – grey: grey-brown, grey-green, grey-grey.

    Country Diary: Wenlock Edge

  • That heavy, succulent slab, it oozes juice as you cut into its grey-brown flesh – a heady indulgence, cooked to medium-rare perfection.

    Breakfast Blog: Day 4

  • Lime seeds spiralled on the westerly, helicoptering out of Edge Wood overhead into a field of barley which hadn't crackled in the sun for weeks but had set instead to a grimy grey-brown sulk.

    Country diary: Wenlock Edge

  • Everything seemed to be made of stone—and not the grey-brown rocks of the mountains, either, but a pale rock, almost white with streaks of warm colors in it.


  • A flurry of grey-brown wings and the bird was gone.

    Country diary: Wenlock Edge

  • Another blogger says the design work was n more of a grey-blue, which is odd, cuz my Piscean self should have picked up on that aspect of the spectrum..but, I recall it as a grey-brown...

    Star Trek and Sixties Design, #19: Easier Living

  • Their roots protruded a foot above the ground and gripped the earth like huge, long, grey-brown octopus legs, getting smaller and smaller as they extended out twelve and fifteen feet away from the tree trunk.

    Crazy Loco Love

  • These juveniles are supposed to be grey-brown with white flecks, but there in the strange light they looked simply black as they dived from only a few feet to catch their fish.

    Country diary: Burghead, Scotland


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